Monthly Archives: August 2012

Design Patents Are Important, Too

Since the alleged patent trial of the century just wound up – and Apple’s design patents were at issue – it is helpful to remember that design patents are important, too.The trial that ended just last week was Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. et al. in the Northern District of California, case no. […]

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Purpose of the Patent System Is to Raise the Bar for Invention

Writing in concurrence in Meyer Intellectual Properties Limited v. Bodum, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2012), Judge Dyk questioned why the patent in dispute issued and why it was not found obvious on summary judgment: While I agree with and join the thorough majority opinion, in looking at this case from a broader perspective, one cannot help […]

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Plants Patentable When Inventor Works to Breed Them

Plants are only patentable if their purported inventor actively works to breed a new variety of plant. Simply finding a new variety of plant in nature and later cultivating it is not enough, the Federal Circuit said in a precedential opinion (PDF) on 6 August 2012. The appellate court rejected a pair of appeals lodged […]

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