Monthly Archives: June 2012

Unencrypted Email Messages Still Acceptable for Attorney-Client Privileged Communications

It is good to be reminded that some things stay the same. In 1999, the American Bar Association issued Formal Opinion 99-413 and concluded that cell phones and unencrypted email messages are acceptable for attorney-client communications that include privileged information or advice. The opinion reasoned that a reasonable expectation of privacy attaches because interception of […]

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Restrictions on Robo Calling

Ever wonder why we don’t get many automated phone calls?  Look no further than 47 USC § 227 titled Restrictions on Use of Telephone Equipment. A few relevant portions of the statute are shown here. Title 47 – TELEGRAPHS, TELEPHONES, AND RADIOTELEGRAPHS CHAPTER 5 – WIRE OR RADIO COMMUNICATION SUBCHAPTER II – COMMON CARRIERS (b) […]

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Unregistered Trademarks Can Have Priority Over Later-filed Federal Registered Marks

Incorrectly informed people can be blindsided by a few trademark issues. One topic that frequently occurs in my conversations with potential clients involves federal registration of trademarks. If I successfully complete a trademark registration, this does not mean that the trademark does not infringe another’s brand name. When the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) […]

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