Monthly Archives: January 2011

Protecting Online Photographs – Watermarking and Copyrighting

There is risk when publishing your images online. Whether you are a professional or just writing a personal blog, there is a chance of theft or, more properly, copyright infringement when someone “borrows” your photographs. It feels horrible. Worse, you might have received some money if your images were used with your permission. However, there are […]

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Basics of Trademarks

I often get asked to define a “trademark.” In the law, it is a complex topic with many facets. Most people who ask me the question are most interested in how to register their trademark. A trademark can be registered at the state level, but most people are (and should be) interested in registering their […]

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Admitted in Washington

On 13 January 2011, by Order of the Washington State Supreme Court, I am officially recognized to practice law in Washington. My bar number is 43399. I look forward to representing clients on a wider selection of legal matters.

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