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Admitted for Twelve Years Today

Star Wars fans smile at the mention of May 4th as it is reminiscent of, “May the Force be with you.” I celebrate this day for a different reason. Today — May 4, 2016 — is my twelfth anniversary of being admitted to a bar, the Texas Bar (see picture above). The admission gave me […]

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My First Ten Years Practicing Law

Today, 4 May 2014, is my ten-year anniversary of being admitted to a bar as an attorney. My first bar admission was to the State Bar of Texas (see image below). Since then, I have been admitted to three other states and the U.S. Patent Bar. I have worked for over a year writing opinions […]

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Texas and Washington Attorney Demographics

Some interesting numbers appeared in the May 2012 issue of the Texas Bar Journal. According to an audit, there are about 89,987 attorneys in Texas. Given that Texas has about 25.7 million people, that equates to about 286 people per attorney. In contrast, Spokane, Washington (according to a recent Washington Bar publication) has about 1780 […]

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